About Us



It all began while staring at the Austin skyline waiting for a cup of tea to steep.

The five minutes our founder, Addy, took to steep a cup of tea dramatically improved her mental state and decreased her level of stress. While she should also give some credit to the CBD oil she added to said cup of tea, the experience itself was a game changer.

With a curiosity for tea and a passion for CBD, Addy set out to create the ultimate cup of tea… With help from a Master Tea Blender they created five signature blends that were healthy, functional, and delicious. Each ingredient was carefully selected, sourced, and serves a specific purpose. We fully believe that the right blend of tea can be dramatically beneficial to your health and wellness routine.


We create products with busy, stressed-out humans in mind.

You will find meticulously created blends with organic ingredients sourced from around the world. We obsess over quality, taste, and function.

Our products are simple and designed for morning, noon, night, and all of the hours in between. Each tea features its own unique health benefits to deliver a daily dose of wellness in a user-friendly fashion. Each of our signature blends is also available with 10mg of CBD infused into each individual serving.


First, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world behind water, it is our drink of choice and we wanted to create better, more delicious options.

Second, as avid tea consumers we were quite overwhelmed with the grocery store tea aisle. We couldn't figure out why brands had multiple iterations of the same tea. So we set out to simplify the selection and provide really intentional, purposeful blends of tea.

Finally, we do it for you. We want to be there for you all day, every day and we create products that help us do that.