The Background: 

Hi! Addy here. I started DOSED for many reasons that you can read about here, but one that I often don’t give enough credit to was my desire for an easier, more affordable wellness routine. I have always been interested in living a healthy lifestyle but I couldn’t commit to or afford the wellness routines I was seeing all over the internet. I simply couldn’t invest in hundreds of different supplements or herbs and I didn’t have the time to drink celery juice, lemon water, and make a matcha with ten different adaptogens every morning. So as a diagnosed perfectionist and a very anxious human I wanted to create an easy and more affordable way for me to enjoy the power of nature on a daily basis. 

My Routine: 

6 AM

Up and at ‘em. This might shock you but I love coffee! I start my day with an almond milk latte and a couple of drops of our CBD oil. After my first caffeine hit, I go for a walk, journal, catch up on the news, and review the day’s agenda. 

8 AM

After showing and getting ready for the day I make an iced tea out of our No. 1 CBD Black Tea and start cranking through my emails and to-do list. 

11:30 AM

Time for a break and a cup of No. 2 CBD Green Tea. This tea isn’t super high in caffeine but it settles my stomach, calms me down, and gives me an energy boost to continue powering through my day. 

2 PM

No. 3 White Tea Latte Time! I love this part of my day. The White Tea is my ( & my mom’s) favorite blend and is a true afternoon treat. It has the tiniest amount of caffeine so it doesn’t interfere with my sleep, but the five minutes I take to make this cup of tea is a much needed mental reset. It is also just absolutely delicious. 

6 PM

Time to unwind with my No. 4 CBD Rose Herbal. I have been making an iced version of this all summer and I love it. I know it is good for my skin, body, and overall mental state. After working so hard and being stressed and anxious for a lot of the day I really feel like this replenishes and restores my energy and helps me start to wind down. 

8 PM

Time for the ultimate treat, No. 5 CBD Nightly Tea. I LOVE this tea and I swear every night I enjoy something new about it. The flavors, like lavender, vanilla, basil, and chamomile are absolutely amazing. I generally fall asleep very quickly and have wild (in a good way) dreams. I sleep through the night but if I wake up I will drop some CBD oil under my tongue to get back to sleep. Overall I wake up calm, clear-headed, and ready to get after it. 


CBD is a part of my personal wellness journey and I absolutely love it and have been using it for years (since 2012). However, this routine is easily re-created and is as effective with our line of regular teas. When I created these blends it was about the herbs and ingredients inside of them, we added the CBD later. So the sentiments and reactions I wanted to bring to life really do come from the tea, the CBD is just a bonus (if you are into that sort of thing). 



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