As Seen In FORBES - "How Edible CBD Products Can Help You Reduce COVID-19 Induced Anxiety"


A longtime advocate for CBD and its various health benefits, Austin entrepreneur Addy Riley created DOSED, a line of five different teas and herbal blends infused with 10mg of water soluble, THC-free, hemp derived premium broad-spectrum CBD. “I wanted to create a natural way to consume and enjoy CBD on a daily basis,” says Riley. A cup of tea is a welcome avenue for people like me who are new to CBD and wish to incorporate it into their personal wellness routines. 

Since Riley states that CBD should be consumed daily to maximize the benefits and effectiveness, she conceived the line as daily prescription for well-rounded well being. Each tea is made with organic ingredients that cater to specific health benefits, including antioxidants, vitamins and superfoods. DOSED also offers individual 1 oz bottles of 500 MG CBD Oil which can be added to the teas or used independently. I can vouch for the Nightly herbal tea as an effective and soothing solution to insomnia.

“Our CBD is cultivated from hemp and grown on a farm in Colorado that practices safe, organic farming and is legally registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture,” assures Riley. “Prior to infusion, the CBD is tested for cannabinoid potency, residual solvents, microbial organisms, pesticides and heavy metals. After the tea is infused, we test the final product to confirm dosage.” DOSED products are available for purchase nationwide.


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