Have you ever wondered why the flavor of your tea varies? Following steeping instructions is important to optimize your tea experience. Below you will find instructions for each of our blends as well as some tools to make things easier! 

The Water

For hot tea, we recommend 8 ounces of water per sachet (aka tea bag). For iced tea, you can find instructions here

The Temp & Time

Each tea requires a specific temperature and it is important to follow so you don’t burn your tea leaves. Our most sensitive teas are the No. 2 Green and No. 3 White Tea, if your water is too hot the leaves will burn and you will get a funky flavor. If you don’t like it super hot, let the tea steep longer at a lower temp or if you like it scalding hot, steep your tea per the instructions, remove the sachet, and then heat it up. The table below shows you how to steep each of our blends. 

Pro Tip: take advantage of these 3 - 5 minutes you have carved out for yourself. Breathe deep, meditate, think positive thoughts, zone out, enjoy the moment. You can get back to life after. 




No. 1 Black Tea


3-5 min.

No. 2 Green Tea


3-5 min.

No. 3 White Tea


3-5 min.

No. 4 Rose Herbal


5-7 min.

No. 5 Nightly Herbal


3-5 min.

The Tools:

If you are a routine tea drinker, we recommend investing in an electric kettle with a temperature gauge. Our personal favorite is the Fellow Corvo EKG Electric Kettle. If you are an occasional tea drinker, simply heat up your water and then use a thermometer (and maybe some cold water) to get it to the right temperature. 

If you are on the go, the easiest way to ensure a safe temperature for the No. 2 Green and No. 3 White tea, is to add a little cold water to your mug to bring the temp down! 

Steep Well! 

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