Hi, Addy here.

I want to share a little more about how DOSED came to be including the personal importance of mental health and the significance of tea and routines. 

I preface all of this with the disclaimer that I am, in fact, not a doctor, and these products are not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose any disease. Rather I am an anxious, previously depressed, PTSD survivor who has spent many, many years fighting, healing, and getting stronger. 

To be frank, there was no big “A-HA” moment where DOSED came to me like I would have hoped. Rather I am an analytical perfectionist and I recognized a significant pattern of drinking tea when I was stressed, anxious, sad, happy, tired, etc and then I realized that some of it really worked. I decided to take out the guesswork and avoid the overwhelming grocery store tea aisle and create my own simple line of tea and infuse it with my other favorite thing, CBD. 

Collectively, we work really hard, we don’t sleep well, we wake up tired, we constantly check our phones and email and we have so many things to stress and be anxious about. Because of that, it is harder and harder to enjoy each of our days that we are so fortunate to have.  We might not be able to fundamentally change that but, I think there is a huge opportunity to feel better while we accomplish everything we need to do. 

So, that is how DOSED came to be and why I quit my job, cashed out my 401k, and spent my savings to bring this to life. I believe in mental health and routine and tea have been very helpful to me. 

Humans are creatures of habits, we are comfortable when we know what to expect, and when we have a plan or schedule to follow. Since the start of COVID, many of our routines have completely changed or have been taken away from us. I am not saying you need to adopt the Daily DOSED routine but I do believe that routine is a really important piece to being mentally healthy.

After much analysis and planning, I broke my day into five main segments and worked with a master tea blender to create five signature blends that combat the stressors I identified and also be highly functional. 

1. The first part of my day that I identified was waking up. Profound, I know. For this we have No. 1 Black Tea. 
  • The Situation: Waking up with a whole lot to do.
  • The Goal: to kick off the day in a calm state of mind with a happy mood, positive attitude, and energy (not jitters).
  • The Ingredients: Black Tea and Eleuthro Root for energy, Peppermint and Ginger to calm and soothe the stomach, Elderberries for stress relief, St. John’s Wort to elevate your mood, and Brahmi to reduce inflammation.
2. Next, I targeted mid-morning and created our No. 2 Green Tea. 
  • The Situation: In the office with a full to-do list, a full inbox, and the initial caffeine boost is wearing off. 
  • The Goal: Create an energizing and highly restorative blend of tea to get me through my busy morning. 
  • The Ingredients: Green Tea for energy, Chamomile and Ginger to calm the mind and body, Fennel and Turmeric for anti-inflammatory properties, Rose Hips for Vitamin C, and Hibiscus for antioxidants. 
3. The early afternoon energy and attitude slump = No. 3 White Tea.
  • The Situation: In a plethora of meetings that should have been emails, being really frustrated, tired, and ready to go home but still have a lot to do.  
  • The Goal: Create something impactful, calming, energizing but also really delicious because you need a treat. 
  • The Ingredients: White Tea for a delicate boost of energy. Ashwagandha Root, a popular adaptogen for energy and stress relief, Blueberries, a superfood, for antioxidants and Vitamin C, Calendula Flowers for their anti-inflammatory properties, Lavender to calm and soothe, Lemon Balm for stress relief and an improved mood, and Rose Hips for immune system support. 
4. The evening refresher and celebratory drink, No. 4 Rose Herbal.
  • The Situation: Excited to be home but with lingering stress and tired skin. 
  • The Goal: Restore the skin, relax the mind and body, enjoy the evening. 
  • The Ingredients: Blue Cornflowers and Calendula Flowers for anti-inflammatory properties, Chamomile, Ginger, and Holy Basil to soothe and calm, Hibiscus and Lemongrass for antioxidants, Rose Hips for vitamin C, Rose Petals to hydrate.
5. The Nightcap...No. 5 Nightly Herbal 
  • The Situation: Mind is racing, trying to fall asleep, anxious for tomorrow while simultaneously replaying today. 
  • The Goal: Calm the mind and relax the body enough to fall into a deep, restful sleep. 
  • The Ingredients: Chamomile and Lavender to soothe and calm, Red Rooibos to sleep, Lemon Balm for stress relief, Basil for antioxidants. 

Note I didn’t talk about CBD with these blends. That is because I initially made these blends without CBD. CBD has been a huge part of my anti-anxiety routine and I am so happy I have the opportunity to infuse these incredible blends with it. It’s like extra credit. 

We work hard, many of us play hard, but not enough of us relax hard. Why not move through your day with a more relaxed, calm mind. Typically as your stress level decreases, your efficiency will increase. You will have more tolerance and grace, and overall will have more good days. 

So to me, ingredients and routines are important. I don’t have time for a 12 step herb, vitamin, smoothie, meditation, face mask, lemon water routine yet, but I do have time for a cup of tea every few hours. 

If you have questions, need help, or just want to chat please reach out to me at hello@dosed.com. I would love to talk to you. 

Welcome to DOSED. 



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