Valentine's 2022 Gift Guide.

Valentine's 2022 Gift Guide.

It often surprises people to find out that Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. It doesn't quite fit with my vibe but I really do love it. This is my husband and my tenth Valentine's together... We were seniors in college for our first one and he got me a bottle of my favorite wine and a HUGE box of jumbo sized Sour Patch Kids... I ate so many that it made my tongue raw and swollen and I ended up at urgent care. ūüėä
Personally, I love the simple cutesy things like sweets, flowers, and balloons. Balloons in particular... they are just so big, cute and playful and brighten up your home (see pic below from my husband picking me up from work on Valentine's Day in 2016).  I have put together a list of gift ideas of all flavors and prices. I hope you find some inspiration and remember to send extra love to all your friends and family on February 14! 
xx, addy 



DOSED (DUH): Our Rose Herbal Tea couldn't be more perfect. It is beautiful and packed with real rose petals, calendula and blue corn flowers. It is calming, refreshing, and delicious. The perfect gift for moms, girl friends, co-workers etc. Anyone who enjoys a delicious bevvy and needs some calm in their life. 

Available with CBD for $20, or without for $14. 



BALLOONS: I am not sure there is a bigger or better gift for Valentine's Day. Balloons are so much fun to receive, to decorate and to keep around until they sink to the floor.  Order some cute balloons online and have them filled at your local grocery store. They are also so inexpensive! Check these out from Party City for $2.00. 


COOKIES: Who doesn't love cookies?! There are so many good options here in Austin but I picked four (totally different) options for you to consider. 

  1. HayleyCakes - I get custom cookies from here for special occasions. They make the cutest custom sugar cookies and they melt in your mouth. Absolute bliss.
  2. Cookie Rich... born in the pandemic (like DOSED), these bite-size (ish), fancy cookies are expertly baked, filled with the perfect swirl of icing, and overall are just beautiful. 
  3. Sugar Mama's ... the sweetest little bakery with beautiful treats. You can't go wrong. 
  4. Tiff's Treats ... an Austin OG... I ordered Tiff's Treats in high school! They are warm, delicious, classic goodness.  

FLOWERS: Find a local shop to support! There are so many great options in Austin, see below for a few of my favorites. 

  1. David Kurio- for the fanciest of fancy options. Their orchids are the ultimate statement. 
  2. Austin Flower Co.  - a wholesale store that is open to the public. You can pick from a wide variety of beautiful flowers and put together a very special bouquet. 
  3. Loose Leaf Florist - small local shop who puts together whimsical designs and can often deliver same day. 

EAT & DRINK: If you are able to be out in about in Austin, these are some of my favorite places (and you can find DOSED in various forms on the menu!) 

  1. 1417 on South First - a wonderful new restaurant on South First with an amazing menu and nominated for Best Brunch Austin. You can find two different cocktails with DOSED Sparkling CBD Tea! 
  2. Bouldin Creek Cafe - go for brunch, enjoy the laid back vibes and delicious and healthy foods, as well as the kindest staff around. You can find DOSED Rose CBD tea here. 
  3. Spread & Co - breakfast or lunch, or better yet, special order a charcuterie and cheese spread to enjoy at home! So delicious and aesthetically pleasing! You can find our CBD Rose tea here as well! 
  4. Nate's Baked - order ahead for Valentine's Day or pop in for a pastry (please have the cinnamon roll and send me a picture)... You can find some of our Sparkling CBD Tea here as well as an amazing drink called the Fourth Street Fog which is a minty, vanilla-y London Fog inspired treat! 
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