Where we make things that make y'all feel great. Like Willy Wonka but with organic herbs instead of sugar.



We create products with busy, stressed-out humans in mind. 

 You will find meticulously created blends of tea with organic ingredients sourced from around the world. We obsess over quality, taste, and function. Our products are simple and designed for morning, noon, night, and all of the hours in between. 

Each tea features its own unique health benefits to deliver a daily dose of wellness in a user-friendly fashion. Each of our signature blends is also available with 10mg of CBD infused into each individual serving.

A Note From Addy

I started DOSED because I am on a mission to relax, while taking over the world and taking care of my mental health. Sound contradictory? That's where DOSED comes in. Using the best possible ingredients, I created five signature flavors of tea intended to be consumed in order, throughout the day, every day. This tea helps me control my anxiety and improve my health while also giving me the energy to do all that I need to do. 

After years of battling anxiety and depression, I moved to Portland, Oregon, and met an incredible doctor who introduced me to alternative medicine. Realizing that there were natural alternatives to the cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs I had been on for years changed everything for me. I became obsessed with the power of nature and how the combination of natural things, like plants, could improve the life of modern-day humans.




We are in it to help people, and the people have spoken!